Kravan is a Madrid-based creative video production company with the capacity and mobility to film worldwide. 

Our extensive experience lies in all aspects of video production: scriptwriting, directing, photography, editing and postproduction; for short films, advertising, fiction, corporate projects and documentaries.

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Our skill and experience in using drones allows us to deliver high-end aerial footage for our clients.  

At Kravan we are not only certified drone operators, we are photography directors, which allows us to push drones to their technical and creative limits.  

Having worked for many years on a variety of R+D projects means we know drones from the rotors down, this experience gives us the advantage of finding solutions to the demanding challenges which can present themselves on location or in the studio.


We have had the opportunity to film in the most adverse conditions on the planet.  We have faced the deepest volcanic caves in the world, the piercing winds of the Dolomites in Italy, the unforgiving harshness of the African desert.   We have filmed the ascent to Mont Blanc and 

shot the Glaciers of Iceland. We have even managed to survive shooting in studios.

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If your shooting is taking place in Spain, you will benefit from a crew that is not only good at what they do but knows theirway around the block.

Lets us help you find - anything from an affordable equipment , a GoPro to an Arri Alexa, from a Gimbal to a crane, suitable accommodation or a good healthy catering.

Kravan can provide you wit the team members that you need to complete your crew.

We can offer you production assistants, location scouts, directors assistants, art direction assistants, license drone pilots, camera operators, photographers, runners, drivers, under water camera operators or boat captains… all of them, with great production experience and fluent english.


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