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Cinematographer. Filmmaker. Storyteller. 

Kravan is a creative video production company based in Madrid.

We have experience in all aspects of video production; script, direction, photography, editing and postproduction for short films, advertising, fiction, documentary and corporate video.


We had the opportunity to film with success in the most adverse conditions on the planet.

We have faced the deepest volcanic caves in the world, the whims of cetaceans in freedom, the high winds of Dolomites walls in Italy, the harshness of the African desert , we have filmed the ascent to Mont Blanc and we have faced shootingin the Glacier of Iceland. We even  manage to survive to a week shooting in a studio.


We develop the creation of original and impactful content for each one of our projects. We do this by creating  synergies between our client´s idea and our team.

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