About Kravan.
The idea behind kravan is very simple, “Every frame counts”.
New technologies have given film makers a new tool to expand narrative with unprecedented freedom over where and how a camera can be place and we thrive on been a part of this.
Our passion for the moving image helps us keep the right balance between art and technology. We  believe that  drones are just one more tool  to help us with  audiovisual narrative.
Our background lies on film making and photography and we applied our knowledge and experience into delivering high end aereal films.
We love to work creating synergies with our clients in order to make unique pieces.
In Kravan we take every job as an opportunity to push technical and creative barriers forward.
Our experience in R+D projects in the early days of aeral filmmaking allows to fix, adapt and find solutions to the demanding condition of a film set.
If its technically possible, its humanly viable.